Welcome to Lap Challenge

This Lap Challenge site has been designed for both runners and cyclists. The idea is very simple. You complete one of the lap-based courses and upload your time into the league table. You can keep a track of how you’re improving and see how your times compare with others. Plus with our unique ‘Challenge Me’ function, you can challenge someone of a similar or better ability to race or train together.


Twickenham 10K WHEN: Sunday 9th December 2012
: 10am.
After last years successful inaugural Twickenham 10k run, Lap Challenge are proud to be the sponsor for this years event again. Online entries will be live from 28th September.
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So how does it work?

Step 1. Register with the site

Step 2. Get out and run or cycle your lap/s of one of the courses and upload your times to see where you are in the league table

Step 3. Use the Challenge Me function in the league table and challenge others to your own personal duals!

What’s the point?

We’ve all been there, running and cycling around the park, trying to keep up with someone, or running with the same training partner each week at the same pace, and not improving on your times. The idea with Lap Challenge is that you can challenge someone maybe a little faster to help you to improve your time. Or you may just be bored of training on your own and want someone to train with. By using the league table to find someone with your target time you can train with or challenge someone of a similar (or better) ability!

Verify your times

Granted you could upload any time, but if you’re challenged and have posted a fictional time you’ll soon be found out! So to make things easier Lap Challenge will verify your times. Those of you using GPS computers can upload the course data from your training run (or ride) and we’ll verify that the time is accurate. Verified times will be highlighted on the league table.

Add your own courses!

You can now add your own courses to Lap Challenge. Registered users can upload their own courses simply by clicking on 'My Courses' after they have logged in. Follow the instructions on screen and approved courses will be live on the site within hours for you to upload your times into and challenge others to better your times.

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