Welcome to Lap Challenge

Lap Challenge has been designed for runners and cyclists to upload their training data with a view to getting something back for their efforts via our Rewards Scheme.

The idea is very simple. You complete one of the lap-based courses and upload your time into the league table. You can keep a track of how you’re improving and see how your times compare with others. Plus with our unique ‘Challenge Me’ function, you can challenge someone of a similar or better ability to race or train together.

By completing and uploading a lap time into the league table you have the chance to win prizes via our Lap Challenge REWARDS SCHEME - prizes are on offer each month. All of the fastest verified laps will go into a prize draw, we also have prizes for the most improved user and those that upload the most laps. To have a chance of wining one of these prizes simply REGISTER and start uploading times.

Lap Challenge has the aim of giving you something back for all the running and cycling you're doing!

The new Lap Challenge Sportswear Range is now in stock and can be purchased via the shop.

NEW APP! The new app has now been completed. With the brand new Lap Challenge app you can register with the site, you can search all of our available and use the app to upload your times. Not only can you manually upload a time but you can now use the GPS function of your phone to record a lap in REAL TIME. The app will show you the route you need to follow and display your pace along with elapsed time and distance. On completion of your lap you will have the option to either discard or upload directly to Lap Challenge to enable you to be entered into the REWARDS SCHEME prize draws.

Lap Challenge Sportswear Range now in stock

The new Lap Challenge Sportswear Range is now in stock and can be purchased via the shop.

Why use Lap Challenge?

Remember Lap Challenge isn’t about you being the fastest runner or the fastest cyclist, it is all about improving and finding others to train with. How many of you have spent hours running alone and would love to find someone of a similar (or better!) ability to train with? Well that’s what we’re here for, use the league table, find someone that is posting times similar to you and “Challenge” them. The “Challenge” opens up correspondence between you and the other user.

The REWARDS SCHEME has been designed so those that make the best improvement also have a chance to win prizes.

New running and cycling courses coming soon!

There will be some great new running and cycling courses coming to Lap Challenge soon. We’re focusing on the more popular running\ cycling locations in the UK to start with. With the new app comes the new courses, we've recently added running routes in Hyde, Regents and Greenwich Park.

Courses in all the Royal Parks will be live come the start of September so more of you can get involved with Lap Challenge. For more news on Lap Challenge don’t forget to “like us” on Facebook and follow on Twitter!